Be part of an open, secure and global financial world

The easiest way of being part of a decentralized financial world. Where everyone is welcome on B58 DeFi Wallet on Cardano, that you are in control of your finances.

Get access to global payments where transactions are borderless and low fees using it with friends and family or your business.

Build up your wealth by earning rewards on your savings. At the same time, you're free to use your balance whenever you need.

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B58 Finance Powered by CardanoB58 Finance Powered by Cardano

About B58 Finance be powered by Cardano

B58 Finance is a decentralized finance multi-feature wallet built on top of Cardano Blockchain. That provides the operational financial system infrastructure to our services.

This allows us to build features that empower you to be your own bank, using Peer-to-Peer communication with no need for middle agents.

We aim to bring the next generation of wallets to you and provide the same experience available today. By using traditional mobile banks and remove the complexity of the blockchain world.

A Wallet that is simple and easy to use

Our wallet is fully featured where Cardano ADA is our main currency but also allows you to transact native tokens available in the platform.

You're able to receive payments through our personalized Card QR that allows you to express yourself by the selection of themes available.

We also provide a Savings account ready and easy to use, where you earn rewards and can claim them every 5 days or build your retirement plan with it.

One more thing that you will enjoy is our NTF (Non-Fungible Tokens) manager available.

B58 Finance App HomeB58 Finance App Home

All you can do with Decentralized finance

B58 Finance Peer to Peer Communication

Our DeFi (Decentralized Finance) services empower you to engage with others in the community, by providing liquidity to collateralized loans while you earn yields on your crypto assets.

You can also promote an open world where you can use our Mission Transparency feature to Donate and register it on the blockchain.

Plus help small business take off their ideas or farmers in remote locations that need a micro-loan to grow their production. All of it using our Social Lending based on our Social Proof algorithm.

We are the Team that is building it for you

Our Team is building to use ourselves, which result in a high-quality product for you to use as well.

We're committed to delivering the best in software development bringing a vast background from Enterprise Software, Cloud Engineer and Cyber Security.

Francis Luz


20 years of experience in Software Development, working with a variety of languages. And being part of projects in South America as consultant, living and helping to develop the Social Security System of Angola Africa, and working as a Cyber Security Engineer at a Global Bank.

Francis Luz GitHubFrancis Luz LinkedIn

Flavio Rasseli


20 years of experience in Backend Development specialized in developing Enterprise tools and integrations in SAP ecosystem, focused on Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Financial. As a consultant have worked with multinational companies and automakers such as Fiat and Chrysler.

Flavio Rasseli GitHubFlavio Rasseli LinkedIn

Gabriel Guarnieri


11 years of experience in Software Development and Mobile specialist delivering cross-platform solutions, working developing custom ERP Systems for the Brazilian Market, and currently developing a iOS and Android Mobile solution for Health Insurance companies in the USA.

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Our Roadmap to the future of finance

Here you can find our roadmap of work in progress and also planned work.

Our phases are inspired by pioneers of computer science, which without their work it wouldn't be possible today.






Smart Contracts






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01 Ada Lovelace

Pioneer of Computer Science by writing the first algorithm to be execute in a computer.

Scope Of Work

Q3 - Q4 2021


Fully feature Cardano wallet, that is the core feature of B58 Finance - DeFi platform. Our aim is to bring the best user experience for Blockchain users.

  • Multi Account Management
  • Send/Receive Tokens (ADA/Native Tokens)
  • Savings using Cardano Staking Pools, first at our own Pools
  • Voting integration with Project Catalyst Funds.

This stage includes the development of a Browser Extension, with web3 like integration.And also a mobile Application for Android and iOS platform.

Stake Pool

Development of the Stake pool infrastructure, with minimun of 2 nodes relays and 1 node core.


Development our first Mainnet version, which will provide the APIs the backend features.